multiple market leading digital media specialist companies

SNDC8 is comprised of multiple market leading digital media specialist companies such as glomex,, DataNexx and the ADEX.

By scaling these companies across all major advertising markets as an enabling platform (developing a unified marketplace for content distribution, video advertising and data management & monetisation), SNDC8 creates the opportunity for broadcasters and publishers around the world to fast-track sustainably into the real-time era through aligned and co-owned distribution and monetisation platforms.



The glomex media exchange is a powerful global marketplace for content distribution and monetisation. glomex provides the technical infrastructure by means of a cloud-based transactional platform. In this “Media Exchange”, content owners offer verified and brand-safe videos which publishers can embed into their websites and apps. Delivery and distribution of these videos is carried out by the glomex video delivery infrastructure. The benefits for all those involved lie in a significant increase in reach and hence the unlocking of new revenue streams, whilst at the same time reducing operating costs.

More information: is one of Europe’s leading premium multiscreen video platforms and trusted video networks. was founded in 2012. With more than 40 highly experienced team members in Munich and Düsseldorf they service more than 250 advertisers. trustfully cooperates with all media agencies and networks. Each month they deliver more than 250 global and local video campaigns incl. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. The team is dedicated to support advertisers with concepts for effective and efficient video campaigns.

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DataNexx is a full-service data marketplace for the monetisation of all collected and imported data. The platform allows for a managed service setup to create and activate target audiences and segments. Through DataNexx the owners of data can operate the monetization, billing and clearing of 3rd party data sales with direct connections to all the major DSP’s, SSP’s, exchanges, ad servers and DMP’s. In addition, DataNexx helps build 2nd party data partnerships for further data enhancement and scale. DataNexx revolves around full transparency in data sources, reliability in data sources and continuity with their data sourced from permanent data sources.

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The ADEX is our unified data management platform providing data-driven access to all programmatic media. The ADEX’s mission is to help advertisers, publishers and agencies to learn more about their audiences and to enable all market participants to get a data-driven access to programmatic media with next generation data management solutions. The ADEX products are following a strong focus on information based and powerful technologies. Efficiency and results of digital advertising campaigns will be maximized by having an added value, no matter if the campaign is characterized by performance, branding or social media intentions.

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